Medical Services

Comprehensive and basic affordable to all individuals and families in all communities and health services, based on the tools and techniques are valid practical, scientifically sound and socially acceptable, with the full participation of the community and its members, and the costs that can be to the community and the states provided in each stage of development.


Basic health services


Educate citizens and guide them healthy

And develop appropriate solutions to control and eliminate health problems

And basic sanitation of the environment, particularly drinking water availability

And ensure good nutrition

And provide maternal and child services

Vaccination and immunization against infectious diseases, especially the six childhood diseases

And control of communicable diseases (infectious and endemic) and control the spread of

As well as the treatment of common diseases in the community

And perform basic surgical operations

Access to Essential Medicines

The importance of primary health care


Constitute the primary health care are the focus of public health care at the international level; the report prepared by the World Health Organization has shown that the top ten health risks at the global level include:

weight loss

And weight gain

The validity of the lack of water for drinking

And iron deficiency

The chaos of sex

And the proliferation of liquor

And smoking

Essential medicines



Non-availability of the drug

bad management


Non-pharmacological Marketing balance and has integrity.

Levels of health care


Often provide health care services at three levels:

Primary health care that must be deployed in each community centers, even a small

Then hospitals suburbs (areas) and birth centers in different regions

Then the central specialized hospitals in major cities.

Primary health care goals


It has been identified eight elements of primary health care, namely: –

1-awareness and health education

2-environmental sanitation and the provision of drinking water

3-providing good nutrition

4-Motherhood and Childhood integrated services

5-immunize children against common diseases

6-combat endemic diseases

7-treatment of common diseases

8-saving drugs (medicines) Core


Terms provide primary care


These elements must be submitted in accordance with the principles of the following: –

1-distributive justice

2-appropriate technical

3-coordination with the relevant authorities of the health care and beyond device

4-community involvement