Nursing services

Rights may face difficult circumstances and attitudes impose themselves suddenly and without warning, and when the man’s knowledge and know-how to behave in such circumstances and attitudes, it could save a life; that life, which is priceless.


We hope through this section to make you, dear reader, a man conscious and aware of the importance of good behavior in emergency situations and confident of your ability to aid others.


If you find adult patients lying on the ground, and you’re saving a lonely, what do you do ?:


  1. Make sure the site safety hazards, for you and for others.


  1. Make sure the patient’s consciousness:


  • Shake his shoulders, and asked loudly, “Are you okay?”.


3a. If you responded to it:


  • Leave it alone, having to make sure there is no danger of it in place.


  • Try to know what his problem and provided assistance if the person in need, and to reassure.


3b. If you do not respond:


  • Ask for help.


  • Mark the patient on the back, and then open the airway way tilting the head and lifting the chin as follows:


○ Put your hand on his forehead, and tilting his head back gently.


○ Place the fingertips of your hand on the second peak of the patient’s chin, then lift it to open the course of the