Health Awareness

  1. foundations of health education


The past decades have seen a radical change in disease patterns and the spread between the members of the community from infectious diseases to chronic diseases, especially diseases that expressed life style diseases such as disease pressure, heart disease, diabetes


Many of these diseases are the result of the behavior of the wrong Hence, health education is the cornerstone for the prevention of these diseases, it is the first activity: Health Promotion Through it is upgrading the knowledge, information, and building trends and changing health behaviors.


During the recent years has been upgrading the concepts of health education became informed of science knowledge is used theories of behavioral, educational and communication methods and means of education and the principles of the media to improve the health level of the individual and society.


  1. Health Education look legitimate:


Islam has taken care of special attention to health education Many what is stated in the Qur’an and Sunnah on health is part of health education, and these religious texts constitute a health instructor legitimate basis solid stems from which the health education activities, Education is healthy to be the most effective and most explosions in the hearts of people when we proceed from the premises where the legitimacy of religious guidance and more people are receptive to health guidelines when they know they are part of the teachings of their religion.


3-definition of health Aalthagavh


Multiple definitions of health education and include the following:


Media operation aimed at urging people to adopt a healthy lifestyle and practices intact.

Helping people to improve their behavior in order to preserve their health.

Is a continuous quest to promote individual and community health, and to try to prevent or reduce the incidence of disease and that by influencing beliefs, trends, behavior individually and socially.

Process is achieved through which to raise health awareness by providing the individual with information and experiences in order to influence the knowledge and inclinations and behavior in terms of his health and the health of the community in which he lives.

Through the years, we can say that the definitions of health education: is the sum aimed at improving health knowledge and build trends and instilling healthy behaviors of the individual and community activities.

  1. concepts in health education:


Aalthagavh health-related, ongoing and cumulative process, it is not an easy and simple process if we take into account that not only aims to deliver knowledge but to change behavior.

Health education can be likened to an equilateral triangle rib to gain information (knowledge) and the rib to instill and consolidate the information associated with those values ​​(direction) and the last rib to apply that information (behavior). -altthagev Health is one of the basic elements of primary health care, which permeates every one of the other seven elements and is designed to support healthy behaviors and strengthened.

Health education facilitates the learning process and change a specific behavior to the proper health behavior.

Health education develops in people a sense of responsibility towards the health of their community and increase their participation effectively.

  1. important in terms of health Aalthagavh:


Health is a state of physical, psychological, mental, social and spiritual integration and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

Health education: is to provide health information and facts that are related to health and disease for all people. Health awareness: It is the people familiar with the information and health facts and their sense of responsibility towards their own health and the health of others, a goal that we seek not stay healthy all health information as a culture.

Usually health: What are the individual play without thinking or feeling as a result of frequent recurrence. Health practice (health behavior): What is the play of the individual intentionally stems from its adherence to certain values.

It can sound health practices turn into habits lead without feeling as a result of many repetitions and the responsibility of the family, where begins the formation of habits Ptaud child before they understand or learn the foundations of these habits in terms of health.


  1. goals of health education:


The deployment of sound health concepts and knowledge in the community.

Enabling people to identify their health problems and needs.

Helping people in solving their health problems by using their potential.

Build a normal health trends.

Establish proper health behavior wrong and changed to correct a healthy behavior.

The ultimate goal of health education is:

Improve the health of the individual and community level.

Reduce the incidence of disease.

Reduce disabilities and deaths.

Improve the quality of life of the individual and society.

  1. Why is the culture of health?


Everyone needs to health education, old and young, men and women, educated and illiterate as it works to improve awareness and raise the level of interest and awareness among all segments of society.


  1. threads health bookworm:


There is no limit to the topics that can be addressed by the health cultured, as can address any topic related to health, provided that the subject commensurate with the individual’s need or targeted health education group.


-When Are health Aalthagavh?


At any time, but it will be more effective if it is targeted at an appropriate time for health education to the circumstances and needs.


Where is health education?




Target health culture?


Every human being in need of health education.


-mn Is a health bookworm?


Any person who has a health information is correct and received the Good of the training and is capable of delivering the information with his skills.


  1. Anasseralthagavh health:


Health education in reality is a process of communication where the message transfer (health information and knowledge) from the sender to the future health cultured (target health education) through a communication channel (a way for health education).


Hence, the elements are:


Health communication, health bookworm, targeted education, a means of health education and health education in order to be efficient, effective process requires that the verification of these elements are a few requirements:

Health message should be the information is correct, clear and understandable in the recipient and exciting level and achieve the desired goal. -almthagaf Health: Have the knowledge (information) with the ability to connect and be satisfied, and a believer in the message he intends to deliver and has communication skills.

Health education target must determine the degree of understanding of the culture and the desire for change which are available with a focus on health needs.

And health education: the means of health education used in the dissemination of health information from traditional media module to a modern techniques vary and the more interactive means of communication and addresses more than one sense whenever biggest impact and this means:

Means of audible information is through the spoken word, such as the transfer of: (interviews, seminars, lectures, conferences).

It means Mqrah is the transfer of information through written words, such as: (flyers, brochures, posters, mobile phone messages, blackboard, models, illustrations, samples, exhibits, slide).

Audible and visible means: (such as TV, video movies, CDs).

10-levels of health education:


It can provide health education on four levels:


Health education for individuals, and here is to educate the individual about the things that charge, such as nutrition, nature and causes of the disease and prevention, personal hygiene and environmental sanitation … etc.

Health education and family, a lot of health behavior instills in the soul through the family so the education at this level demand because of its positive impact on the future of family members and then society as a whole.

Health education groups group includes individuals with similar characteristics and exposed to or infected with some common health problems based on sex, age, or Alozivh.oimkn that society includes different groups, such as children Madars- Alomhat- smokers and other groups, and must choose a topic that is relevant to the whole group, for example: pregnant women for childbirth and child care, and how to teach school children about personal hygiene education is important in educating groups is positive engagement between the living and the recipients must choose the means by characteristics of the group to be more effective