It is a state of weakness or a lack of bone that leads to fragile and easily broken density.

It is a state of weakness or a lack of bone density, which lead to a fragile and easily broken.

Fragility lack of bone density and mass, the soft bones caused by lack of toughness without intensity.

Calcium and vitamin D deficiency.

Pain in the lower back.

Lack of jaw bone density.

Pain in the neck.

A lack of height and curvature of the spine with the passage of time.

Women: After menopause (menopause).

Who has a family history of the disease.

With textures slim (weak infrastructure).

Who has malnutrition, especially lack of calcium in the diet.


Who Atajawn steroids for long periods.

Who Aatardon to the sun for long enough.


No . Because most of the health problems occur in the case of excessive or severe weight loss. So the person that maintains the normal range of weight.

For several reasons, including:


Because the bones of women is less than the size of the bones of men.

Hormonal changes that occur in women, especially after menopause.

Because it is accompanied by a period of post-Menopause severe drop in estrogen is very important to maintain bone density

It gets a shortage of bone density without symptoms.

Stop the progression of the disease.

Prevent complications (fractures).

Improve bone density.

Adequate intake of calcium and vitamin D quantities.

Exercise regularly.

Taking medications prescribed by a doctor.

Bone density is improving very slowly, especially the femur, so the effect of the treatment may take a long time for several months.

Milk and dairy products.

Canned salmon and canned sardines full of bones.

Green leafy vegetables (draw – cabbage).

Oysters and shrimp.

Alkrumb – broccoli (Broccoli) – Soybeans and products.