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  • surgical removal of tumors – fatty bags bags martial – Althoalal – skin appendages.
  • treatment of glands: thyroid – parotid gland -algdh lymph – gland under the jaw.
  • the treatment of inflammatory gall bladder and gallbladder and kidney stones and appendicitis Adthab.
  • inguinal hernia – a hernia hernia secret ballot Jerahi- varicocele.
  • – anal fissure treatment Hydrocele Bal_khasah- varicose Alsaqan- anal hemorrhoids.
  • the treatment of inflammatory breast – and open and clean breast abscess.
  • Open and clean anorectal abscess – abscess Alasasa- abdominal wall abscess and armpit and groin and testicular and face.
  • the treatment of anal fistula – fistula sacrococcygeum fistula under the armpit.
  • treatment of burns and wounds of all kinds (Aftaah – profligate – mashed wound repair and beautification.
  • work Purity and treatment of head and face injuries.
  • take out the nail-relief – Foot Surgery Alscri- adhesion of the tongue.

Before talking about inguinal hernias should know that the treatment of these important hernias speed, because the delay in treatment may lead to serious and fatal complications, such as bowel obstruction and damage and inflammation of the intestines, and the failure of some of the vital organs in the body as a result of these complications ..

Proper diagnosis helps not appear hernias again

What are inguinal hernias and whether there are factors that will help them to appear?

– Inguinal hernia is a bulge in the groin, located down the side of the abdomen, which is caused by a bag rushes from inside the abdomen through the inguinal region to appear swollen .. hernia and affects males more than females. This bag was there since birth, it is possible to appear either in childhood or in any advanced age. In other cases it may be acquired, it stemmed from the weakness in the muscles and ligaments of the lower abdomen, as well as factors that help cause an increase in intra-abdominal pressure, thus weakening the inguinal region and pays Bafattq abroad such as chronic cough, chronic constipation and prostatic hypertrophy and others. In this case you should treat these diseases before surgical treatment of inguinal hernia for the prevention of relapse (return hernia again).

Characterize the treatment of inguinal hernias endoscopic

Therapeutic methods of inguinal hernia

– The only cure for inguinal hernia repair is surgery and there Alajan Jrahian:

First: conventional treatment, a surgical repair of being open way, where an incision is made in the groin area diagonally 10-15 cm through which the eradication hernia bag and tying his neck caller Bgeoff belly length, then sew (restoration) weak area by threading or patch. When children are excised hernia only and does not need to perform the restoration.

Second, talk therapy, a hernia repair laparoscopic, and only this treatment to adults only, without children, then it is an effective treatment has many advantages, including making three small incisions only, and the lack of pain occurring far from the traditional method, the patient’s return to the movement in the nearest time (after two days compared to 7 days in the traditional way), the return of the patient to work in a short time (after 6 days on average, compared with 21 days in the traditional way), decreased the proportion of relapse frequently (less than 10%) for the traditional way, ranging from 1-10%, and the arrival of the proportion of recurrent hernias that are fixed again in the traditional way higher than 5-15%, and I said 10% of the modern way (endoscope).

Full operation is performed outside the abdominal cavity by placing a patch of material proline borne by the body well without being rejected or absorbed.

This patch placed between the peritoneal membrane covering the anterior abdominal wall weak area that comes out hernias through. This patch and incite occurrence of fibrosis in the region lead to the restoration of the weak region and therefore hernia repair.

Routine medical tests to diagnose the disease before surgery

Tests for the diagnosis and treatment of inguinal hernia ..?

Routine medical tests carried out before each surgery, such as blood tests, complete blood count, blood urea, Cuadr blood, liver function, blood sugar, test sickle cell anemia, X Statistics of the chest, ECG, urine and other tests may be required by the patient’s condition in the case of a other diseases.

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