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Gynecology and childbirth Details

  • Monitoring stages of pregnancy until birth.
  • Determine the duration of pregnancy and the type and weight of the fetus and determine the approximate date of birth.
  • detection of congenital malformations of the fetus before birth.
  • Treatment of chronic diseases of pregnancy and treatment of urinary and genital cases.
  • endoscopic cervical and Aloramh early detection, treatment and prevention.
  • handle cases of bleeding during pregnancy and reproductive activity and treat menstrual disorders and menstrual Angra.
  • detect and treat all infections Women.
  • Early detection of breast tumors and treatment.
  • treatment of infertility cases and work injected into the uterus.
  • Conduct assisted reproduction operations (ICSI-IVI-IUI) and women’s cosmetics operations.
  • natural childbirth without pain and caesarean section in the finest hospitals.

Morning sickness nausea pregnancy

Morning sickness is the nausea that occurs to women during pregnancy, which does not happen in the morning, just as the name suggests, but it is possible to affect women at any time throughout the day in the morning or evening. And it affects pregnancy nausea or morning sickness at approximately 50% – 90% of pregnant women, a common occurrence during the early stage of pregnancy.

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